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farishields, Far I Shields, Oakland, Ca

Far I Shields – Mystical Universe CD Cover


Far I sings with Heavenly Angels


Far I Connects with the Crowd


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February 1, 2017 at 2:25 am

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Love is my Savior

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Love is my Savior
Joy is my Best Friend
Use The Music To Comfort your Soul
I want to see you smilin

Jump into the Stream cause it’s Rollin
It’s been Rollin since the beginning of time
It will carry you over the boulders in your life
Carry straight into the Light


Wake up in Joy, Meditate and Pray
Abundance of Blessings Flowin our way
Rise and decide what you will give to each day
You be eternally happy


The enlightened age is beginning
Humanity will discover the beautiful world within
Once we glimpse this magnificent sunlight
Everything will be all right


Community Singing: Love Sweet Love
Visualize: Being Love
Why it was written: After my Grandfather died when I was in High School the spiritual realm became very important to me. I was raised Catholic and as a teenage yearned for more of an explanation to why I was here and what my life’s mission was. I began a search of the worlds religions – Various forms of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and others. In all of these religions I did not find what I was looking for. In 2007 with the help of spiritual earth angel named Sarah Bond I finally found myself.

I discovered that Love is my Savior, Joy is my best friend and Music really comforts my soul. I wish that everyone will find themselves, their life work and the activities that feed their soul. Just a glimpse of this glorious sunlight. It will make everything all right.

Copyright Far I Shields 2015

The Music of Far I  Shields is now available to listen to and purchase online


It’s Time for a New Humanity

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New Humanity

Here Right Now

So glad to tell you my brotha
It’s time to Love 1 Anotha
Call your Mama, Call your Fatha
It time to care for each otha

Oh my brotha so much work to be done
So glad that freedom has come
Now that all humanity is here
It’s time for us 2 live as 1

Freedom is Here Right Now
Repeat 3 Times

Oh my brotha so nice to see you again
Oh my sistah nice to see you my friend
Let’s come together right now
And show the world how

So much joy
Spread it around
Time for our feet to stand on solid ground
Now that we have discovered
The best part of life is each otha


I go around my neighborhood
Sharing all things that are good
The Green Lifestyle is here
To Serve Humanity
We can plant a garden we can turn the earth
We can even plant a tree
I’ll feed you my sistah
My brotha will you please feed me


When we forgive each otha
We set our own selves Free
Its time for Wonder
Time for Delight
Time for a New Humanity
Tap into the source of All Things
And let Joy, Love and Freedom Reign

Now, Now, Now, Now
Now, NOW, Now

Copyright Far I Shields 2014
All Rights Reserved
Community Singing: Chorus
1.Freedom is Here Right Now
Repeat 3 Times
2. Now, Now, Now, Now
Now, NOW, Now
Visualization: Visualize Creating Bliss Portals for all living beings – animate and inanimate entities
Why it was written: Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. A very long and difficult journey was completed. A second chance to build was issued and the shamans are together again.

This song was like seeing an intriguing person cross the street two blocks away. I had glimpses of this song yet never could figure it out and get a chance to know it yet oh what a feeling. When I moved my office and location to North Oakland with friends and family the song came all at once like a flood.

What a joy, what a blessings. The lyrics are amazing and I have been singing this song all day and night. What an honor and privilege to sing and play Here Right Now. It is time for us to clearly see we must live as one. After the atom bomb was dropped in 1943 in Japan Eleanor Roosevelt said that time has truly changed and the end of all wars is needed. Either we end the wars or we will end ourselves.

In meditating on the creation of the United Nations the day of his death. Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote. “The work now my friends is Peace – an end to the beginnings of all wars. For those committed to The making of an abiding peace I say the only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubts of today. Let us move forward with a strong and active faith.”

Tap into the source of all things and let Joy, Love and Freedom Reign

Lyrics and Music Copyright 2015 Far I  Shields all rights reserved

Listen to other songs by Far I  Shields for free online http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/farishields


Light Waves

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This song has been in my head for the last few weeks and a few days ago I got some lyrics for it. After the lyrics came I was still attempting to understand the meaning of the song on a deeper level. Last night I was feeling a little detached from the world. Having time to myself for reflection, prayer and meditation. The search for my true self was in full effect.

I found myself wanting to be removed from unwanted feelings. So I began singing lift me up – lift me up higher now. With this thought and sound that was emitted I was able to see my loved ones. My uncle Joseph who has passed, my close friends who are far away. I was able to feel their presence. See them, hear them and be with them.

The hum drum feeling of disconnection faded and there I was in Bliss. Today I had a further revelation pre dawn at 5:17 am.

Light Waves

Good things comin our way
Giving all my love today
Ridin light waves
Through out all life’s journeys

Lift me up
Lift me up higher now

I can feel it
I can see it
I can hear it
I can be it

Always with me
Love sweet love
Is the light wave

5:17am November 24th 2012 on my oldest son Tabari’s 29th birthday a vision was given to me. I recently discovered that there are 3 major things that make humans happy.

1. Personal Growth
2. Relationships – Friends and Family
3. Community – Getting involved and serving

Without feeling the love. When one feels disconnected from life, society, community and family there is no desire to grow. I was asking myself why grow. Why develop. Why the desire to become better. The aha moment, my bing arrived predawn at 5:17 am. We grow because it is what life wants. When we do what life wants we are happy and fulfilled. It is in the flow of the universe. Nature is constantly growing to become better – stronger feet to dive better, longer necks to reach food, faster legs to out run danger. It makes us happy when we grow and develop.

This is in contrast to growing and developing for outer praise, money and social status. This is growing because it feels good. Growing, developing and expanding because it is one with our life purpose, our dna and divine energy.

We are in a very challenging time in 2012 in America. The wealthy have just created a cleansing of the middle class. Money is very tight. Friends have very little time to see each other and Family is very angry and disappointed with each other, community has been tainted by leaders who have raped, pillaged and plundered. With very little trust there is very little community.

According to the discoveries above. Ourselves and others “people” are the corner stones of a happy life. The one person of the three essential elements that we have access to is ourselves. We are the foundation of our own happiness. Well what can we do when the bonds of our family and our community have been damaged and weakened. We can connect to divine light. We can surf the light waves in a oceanic universe of light – filled with waves to catch. When riding the light waves we can clearly see the connection to those friends and family members in this life time and in other lifetimes that no longer are physically in our space. Spiritual teachers, spiritually loving family members, lovers, close friends – the ones that always believe in you, Spiritually we are always one.

Once this connection is realized and granted access moment to moment by the simple thought of its existence. Then we can begin the work of mending our troubled relationships with family and friends with compassion and tolerance. Forgiveness, unconditional love is the medicine that we need to heal our broken society. Service to others is our true reward. It is good for the body and soul. With true love as a the paradigm we can mend our human relations and craft a higher state of being for environment and future generations. Now is love. Now is life. Now is giving. Giving is living.

Through the door of the pineal gland is the infinite – Space, Light, Colors, Warmth, Joy, Happiness, Abundance – Love – Light Waves. This love is always with you. Everyday. Tension, anxiety, pressure, loss, and all negative feelings fade away. There we find ourselves riding light waves.

Keep ridin Yall.

Written by farishields

November 24, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Far I and Ayanna Perform at Oakland California’s Min Maker Faire – October 2012

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Photo Taken by Orlando Johnson of Oakland Greens http://oaklandgreens.org/

It was a beautiful October day at Oakland, Ca Mini Maker Faire http://ebmakerfaire.wordpress.com/

Parents and Children of all ages attended this incredible, creative faire.  Far I played guitar and Ayanna sang background vocals.  The audience participation was spectacular as the crowd joined in to sing “I Love My Precious Self”.  The audience was asked to send the great energy attained through live music and crowd participation around the world.  With this thought the voices of the crowd increased and the harmony sweetened.  Great collective, harmonious energy was given, prayers were lifted and sent to all living beings.  The following songs were performed:

1. Guru
2. Watah
3. Love is My Saviour
4. Chune
5. Save the World
6. Precious

We are currently working on our CD which will be completed in the next few months.  Please visit our website www.farishields.com and like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/farishieldsmusic?ref=hl
Music videos can be viewed on our youtube channel www.youtube.com/farishields

Enjoy all that you can and live the change you want to see in the world.

Far I Shields Performs at Oakland’s Laurel District Summer Solstice Festival

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Far I will be performing at Oakland’s 7th Annual Laurel District Summer Solstice Festival – Saturday, June 23 at the Brown Stage located outside of  the ACME Music Store – 3715 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, Ca 94619 – Showtime 3pm.
Various musical selections of Far I – past and present will be performed during this one hour showcase.
This block party is free and features more than 20 acts of world class musical entertainment on 3 stages.
ACME HOUSE OF MUSIC is a proud sponsor of this event.
The festival will have many activities to enjoy for the entire family.  Join us and celebrate music, art and fun with your community in honor of the SUN!

Written by farishields

June 10, 2012 at 4:16 am

Far I – Voice & Guitar

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In the Colors

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Filmed by Jonathan Gomwalk in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, Ca

In the Colors by Ben Harper – Performed by Far I with New Lyrics

The Whole World is Uniting
Spirits Becoming Enlightened
So when You Have Awoken
Get All your Dreams in Focus

Dance with me
Dance with me
In the Colors of the Light

The Path we’re walking on
will inspire those behind us
shining lights of love
Joy and Abundance surround us

So as this world spins itself to love
I want to be with you in the colors

When you again start hoping
with your arms wide open
It will be right
dancing like water with the light

Dance with me
Human Beings Dance with me
In the colors of the Light

Written by farishields

April 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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Love Is My Savior @ It’s A Grind Coffee House 3-25-11

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Filmed by Jonathan Gomwalk.

This song is like this moment in time for all of us, represents a journey that we have all been taking.  To me this journey is about Love.
I was raised a Catholic, went to Rasta, became a Muslim and then a Buddhist.  It was not until 2007 that I finally accepted my Life and realized that Love is my Savior.

Love is My Savior
Joy is my best friend
I use music – It comforts my soul
Want to see you smilin

Jump into the stream cause it rollin
It’s been rollin since the beginning of time
It’s gonna carry you over the boulders in your life
carry you strait into the light – well alright

Love is My Savior
Joy is my best friend
I use music – It comforts my soul
Want to see you smilin

If you wake up everyday and decide what you are going to  take from this life
You will have a life of misery and pain
When you rise and decide what you are going to give day by day – You’ll be eternally happy

Love is My Savior
Joy is my best friend
I use music – It comforts my soul
Want to see you smilin

It’s time for the Enlightened Age to begin yall
Humanity has finally discovered the beautiful world within
Once you have a glimpse of this glorious sunlight
It will make everything all right

Love is My Savior
Joy is my best friend
I use music – It comforts my soul
Want to see you smilin


Join me in a collective visualization
Feel the Love in your heart
Let it grow and glow – Send it around the world
across the US to Africa, Europe, India, China, Japan, Hawaii and returning to the US
Love – World Wide

Prayer Poem & Song for the People of Japan

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People of Japan – This Prayer Poem & Song was called forth by Jonathan Gomwalk. We all stand in gratitude for his powerful spirit!

The Lyrics and Melodies are created as a prayer of hope for the people and families of Japan while in response to the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor challenges in Spring 2011.

Life is Given and Taken Away

We call forth all that is good in humanity, planet earth and the universe.  Surrounding and infusing the people of Japan with hope, inspiration, courage, love, perseverance and endurance – Peace within – Humanity we need each other right now!

Prayer Poem & Song “People of Japan”

People of Japan we are one
Together like the rising sun
We are one earth
We are one love
We are One Family

Sending our love
We send our light
Sending our prayers
To get you through the night

May you be warm
May you have peace
May you have our strength

Mother Earth is Calling, Father Sky Too – Humanity use wisdom in the things you do
It’s time to Love one another, Live with our heart and soul, All nations united for one common goal

People of Japan we are one
We are together like the rising sun
We are one earth
We are one love
We are One Family

Loved Ones we miss you so
So quickly you had to go
You have our best as you move on
On your Journey

Keep our smiles
Keep our joy
Your bright presence helps us to endure
You’re our hope, you have our love
forever more

Mother Earth is Calling, Father Sky Too – Humanity use wisdom in the things you do
It’s time to Love one another, Live with our heart and soul, All nations united for one common goal

People of Japan we are one
We are together like the rising sun
We are one earth
We are one love
We are One Family

Written by farishields

March 23, 2011 at 5:12 pm