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Light Waves

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This song has been in my head for the last few weeks and a few days ago I got some lyrics for it. After the lyrics came I was still attempting to understand the meaning of the song on a deeper level. Last night I was feeling a little detached from the world. Having time to myself for reflection, prayer and meditation. The search for my true self was in full effect.

I found myself wanting to be removed from unwanted feelings. So I began singing lift me up – lift me up higher now. With this thought and sound that was emitted I was able to see my loved ones. My uncle Joseph who has passed, my close friends who are far away. I was able to feel their presence. See them, hear them and be with them.

The hum drum feeling of disconnection faded and there I was in Bliss. Today I had a further revelation pre dawn at 5:17 am.

Light Waves

Good things comin our way
Giving all my love today
Ridin light waves
Through out all life’s journeys

Lift me up
Lift me up higher now

I can feel it
I can see it
I can hear it
I can be it

Always with me
Love sweet love
Is the light wave

5:17am November 24th 2012 on my oldest son Tabari’s 29th birthday a vision was given to me. I recently discovered that there are 3 major things that make humans happy.

1. Personal Growth
2. Relationships – Friends and Family
3. Community – Getting involved and serving

Without feeling the love. When one feels disconnected from life, society, community and family there is no desire to grow. I was asking myself why grow. Why develop. Why the desire to become better. The aha moment, my bing arrived predawn at 5:17 am. We grow because it is what life wants. When we do what life wants we are happy and fulfilled. It is in the flow of the universe. Nature is constantly growing to become better – stronger feet to dive better, longer necks to reach food, faster legs to out run danger. It makes us happy when we grow and develop.

This is in contrast to growing and developing for outer praise, money and social status. This is growing because it feels good. Growing, developing and expanding because it is one with our life purpose, our dna and divine energy.

We are in a very challenging time in 2012 in America. The wealthy have just created a cleansing of the middle class. Money is very tight. Friends have very little time to see each other and Family is very angry and disappointed with each other, community has been tainted by leaders who have raped, pillaged and plundered. With very little trust there is very little community.

According to the discoveries above. Ourselves and others “people” are the corner stones of a happy life. The one person of the three essential elements that we have access to is ourselves. We are the foundation of our own happiness. Well what can we do when the bonds of our family and our community have been damaged and weakened. We can connect to divine light. We can surf the light waves in a oceanic universe of light – filled with waves to catch. When riding the light waves we can clearly see the connection to those friends and family members in this life time and in other lifetimes that no longer are physically in our space. Spiritual teachers, spiritually loving family members, lovers, close friends – the ones that always believe in you, Spiritually we are always one.

Once this connection is realized and granted access moment to moment by the simple thought of its existence. Then we can begin the work of mending our troubled relationships with family and friends with compassion and tolerance. Forgiveness, unconditional love is the medicine that we need to heal our broken society. Service to others is our true reward. It is good for the body and soul. With true love as a the paradigm we can mend our human relations and craft a higher state of being for environment and future generations. Now is love. Now is life. Now is giving. Giving is living.

Through the door of the pineal gland is the infinite – Space, Light, Colors, Warmth, Joy, Happiness, Abundance – Love – Light Waves. This love is always with you. Everyday. Tension, anxiety, pressure, loss, and all negative feelings fade away. There we find ourselves riding light waves.

Keep ridin Yall.

Written by farishields

November 24, 2012 at 3:28 pm