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Earth’s Rotation, the Swirl of the Universe, the Voice of the Ocean, and the Wisp of the Wind.  Hear the Children laughing, running, and playing. Listen to the shouts of freedom and awaken to the reality that you are truly a great being, divinely connected to this wonderful universe. A beautiful sunrise, the rush of a waterfall, and the flight of the phoenix, all can be heard and felt in the music created by the Far I. Pulling from sounds of the African Diaspora, you will hear Reggae, Blues, Folk, African Highlife, Calypso, and African Cuban vibrations as you enjoy the original healing sounds celebrating the Far I.

Born in Los Angeles during the 60’s, Far I experienced the climate of change that permeated throughout America and the world. Earth, Wind and Fire – Marvin Gaye – and Curtis Mayfield messages of inner strength, hope and determination uplifted and inspired his musical beginnings. Taught piano at and early age the foundation of music was instilled in his being. At the age of 16 his mother gave him a Saxophone and it became his first instrument of true freedom. In his room with the door closed he began playing his Sax to the smooth sounds, joyful harmonies and funky rhythms of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, the Commodores and many more talented artist of the 70’s, his love of music was born. In 1985 Far I left the city of Los Angeles and came to the Bay Area to attend U.C. Berkeley where he studied the Political Economy of Natural Resources. Here he met many musicians and talented artists who shared his dream of liberation through music.

The first band he was involved with was a Reggae Band entitled Ujahma made up of mostly college friends. This was a 6 piece band which included Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussions, Alto Sax and Tenor Sax, and Vocal Harmonies. Far I was the featured vocalist and entertained audiences with vibrant Sax solos as well as wrote much of the music the Band Played. The Band was a regular feature at African Liberation Day held by the Uhuru House in Oakland Ca. In addition the band hosted my college parties held at Oakland’s Jah’s Temple and led many jam sessions introducing college students to the liberating power of music. In 1987 Far I joined a famous Bay Area Reggae Band entitled Forces of Victory. The Band consisted of an all-star cast of musicians on Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals. Far I was featured on the Alto Sax. These musicians have since that time traveled the world and played with the Top Reggae and Jazz artist in the world. As the youngest member of the band Far I’s knowledge grew tremendously. This is the first time Far I played in the top venues of the Bay Area.

In order to pursue his vocal and song writing aspirations Far I along with some friends and local musicians started a band entitled Word, Sound, Power. The world of Song Writing was once again available. Many of the songs this band performed were written by the Far I. This Band focused on the Ethiopian Night Club Scene in the Bay Area and were the featured artist at Ashmara’s and Addis in Oakland, Ca. It was with this band that Far I began to Play the Bass and Sing Lead vocals. The Next Band he formed was the Under Ground Railroad which was created with a Grade School friend from Los Angeles. This was a small 4 piece band consisting of Drums, Bass, Guitar and Keyboards. Far I and the Guitar Player shared lead vocals.

In 1996 Sacred Journey was formed and his music career was stabilized. Their self titled music CD was Release in 2004. This Reggae Band Accomplished so much. Featured on FM radio stations 93.3 the Wave and KPFA. Great Stages were shared and great venues were played. Kimball’s East, Reggae in the Park, San Jose St Literacy Classic Football Game, Big Time Pow Wow, and Maritime Hall. TV Shows aired across the Midwest. Far I again played the bass, wrote many songs and shared lead vocals with the keyboard player and guitar player. Sacred Journey opened for Baba Olatunje, Eek A Mouse, Israel Vibrations and many more prominent musicians. Now Far I is embarking on a solo career. His debut CD will be release in January 2006 and entitled One World. This 10 track CD has a wide variety of music from the African Diaspora. From African rhythms to the Jazz, Blues and Soul of the US,

Far I’s music has a Reggae foundation with vibrations from the entire Diaspora. At the core of his drive and passion is the commitment to create healing music that will uplift the listener. Like the saying you can taste the love in the cooking, this music is created with love and the intent to liberate and transform the listener. Far I is determined to share his mystical, musical experience with the world. This music is designed to connect you to your higher self. Relax, Let Go and Allow the Music to transport you to a place where you realize that you are powerful, wise, intelligent, healthy, strong, capable and compassionate!

Musical Affirmation

When we awaken to our highest potential All of our challenges transform into incredible opportunities. With Strong Faith and Prayer we embrace each magnificent moment of our lives with hope and determination. We have the power to manifest what we want to happen! The key is to decide what we want to happen. We must establish specific goals in all areas of our lives, Family, Finance, Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual. Then with strong faith take action and make our vision a reality!

Written by farishields

June 4, 2009 at 9:40 pm

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