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Far I and Ayanna Perform at Oakland California’s Min Maker Faire – October 2012

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Photo Taken by Orlando Johnson of Oakland Greens http://oaklandgreens.org/

It was a beautiful October day at Oakland, Ca Mini Maker Faire http://ebmakerfaire.wordpress.com/

Parents and Children of all ages attended this incredible, creative faire.  Far I played guitar and Ayanna sang background vocals.  The audience participation was spectacular as the crowd joined in to sing “I Love My Precious Self”.  The audience was asked to send the great energy attained through live music and crowd participation around the world.  With this thought the voices of the crowd increased and the harmony sweetened.  Great collective, harmonious energy was given, prayers were lifted and sent to all living beings.  The following songs were performed:

1. Guru
2. Watah
3. Love is My Saviour
4. Chune
5. Save the World
6. Precious

We are currently working on our CD which will be completed in the next few months.  Please visit our website www.farishields.com and like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/farishieldsmusic?ref=hl
Music videos can be viewed on our youtube channel www.youtube.com/farishields

Enjoy all that you can and live the change you want to see in the world.

Far I – Voice & Guitar

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Redemption Song by Bob Marley performed by Far I with new additions

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Redemption Song by Bob Marley performed by Far I with new additions

This song I decided to cover on the guitar live.  I have performed it at several shows with great reviews.  Live performances have been a way that I test my music out.  When playing live it is as though I tap into other peoples consciousness and we are all sitting at some mystical meeting place.  I can feel the collective likes and dislikes and many times new ideas, call and responses, slight adjustments come up when I present my music to the world.

One day I was had my guitar out on a sunny day on Lakeshore a popular street in Oakland with a Trader Joes’ Grocery store, Pete’s Coffee, Starbucks etc.  you know a real happening place and a young man ask me to play redemption songs.  I played, he stayed and listened and he really enjoyed it.

Growing up Catholic in the 70’s the doom and gloom of “The End Of The World” always had me questioning how history would turn out for mankind.  My 11 year old asks me “Baba when the end of the world comes do you think it is going to blink out or will it happen slowly with much suffering”.  She is getting geared up for 2012.  One of her teachers really believes in it and has the children questioning.  Well 1999 was the big question year looming in my distant future when I was growing up.  As the time grew closer Y2K began being promoted.  All the global computers will shut down.  This was an added pressure to the end of the world that Prince sung about – 2000 party over oops out of time.

In the early 90’s there was a minister who was mentoring me.  He was real busy with plenty of demands and one day out of some chance of fate there he was and there I was.  He was waiting for something and I was waiting.  So I asked him the question burning in my soul.  Is the world going to end in the year 2,000.  His response was very clear and effective.  Well whether it does or doesn’t you should plans for the future.  Your duty is to set your goals and live your life.  Respond to life with your best effort.  Put all your focus there and plan as if you will be here and the rest of humanity will be here after the year 2,000.

In Bob Marley’s redemption song which he performed on guitar during his battle with cancer which ended up being his last days on planet earth also which he predicted that he would die at the age of 36 when he was a young man.  Point being that he says “Have No Fear For Atomic Energy No Of Them Can Stop The Time.”  This small phrase soothed my soul and guided me through moments of doubt about planet earth and human existence.  In the 1980’s with the cold war against Russia it seemed every moment we were just one push of a button away from Global Extinction and Nuclear War.

Doom and Gloom seem to work great with Capitalism.  Earthquake is coming – buy your earthquake kit for 19.99 available at all Walmart’s located in earth quake zones. For as long as they are selling.  Also you can purchase Earthquake insurance.  It is pretty expensive when your want to protect your family from natural disasters so “Brace Yourself”  2012 – the end of the world Now Playing in a theater near you.  If the end of the world is near you should come see the movie so you and your family can get some survival ideas.  Ah now I get it I see why Bob Marley named his last album Survivors and also wrote a song about it.  He is like come on humans make some plans.  Don’t believe the hype.  We will get through this and believe it or not you are a big part of the global change so “don’t bury your thoughts put your dreams to reality – All a together NOW – Wake up and LIVE”

I read some where that a minister in the late 1800’s preached the end of the world was going to happen on a specific day and time.  He preached for years that God told him through the bible and personal revelation’s that on this day in the year 18.. The world is going to end.  So on that day he had all of his friends, family and follower in an open field waiting for the end of the world.  Well guess what nothing happened.  I tell this story to my 11 year old and the running joke is the kids were getting hungry on that day in the late 1800’s and started needling their parents.  Mom, Dad, Uncle Joe while we are waiting for the end of the world can we have a bite to eat or something to drink at least.

Music is really powerful.  Thoughts and words are very powerful.  So when I sing a cover if I don’t like the mental concept behind the words I will adjust them to affirm what I want to happen in my life and the life of others.

Old Pirates yes the rob I
Sold I to the merchant ships
Minutes after they took I
From the bottomless pit
But my hands were made strong
By the hands of the almighty
We forward in this Generation Triumphantly

Won’t you help me sing songs of Freedom
It’s all I ever had
Redemption Songs

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for negativity
None of them can stop the time

I am so grateful
Human Beings can finally see that it’s time to unite
Let’s move forward together as one people
With all of our strength, with all of our might

Won’t you help me sing songs of Freedom
It’s all I ever had
Redemption Songs

Note: Hey humans – makes some plans – think positive!

Written by farishields

March 11, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Zoom – Original Song by Far I – Lyrics and Description

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Zoom Lyrics and Description

Well Mama, will you please tell little sister, to run run run
Run and go tell Papa
Tell Malcolm X, Tell Marcus Garvey, Tell Muhatma Gandhi

Your Grandchildren say Zoom
We are singing songs of Freedom,

Your grandchildren say Zoom

Running and racing, where we going
Time keeps on spinning and no one is knowing
We got inward sunshine so face your time
Children without your problems how would you know the Divine
When your problems come you must relax and free your mind

What do you say Grandmama, Father, Mamma, Oh Sweet Grandfather
Children Say Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
Will you Tell Haile Sellassie, tell Bob Marley, Ooo Patrice Lamumba

Can you see us happy and free living in peace in harmony
We living as one like the rising sun
We saying Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Running and racing, where we going
Time keeps on spinning and no one is knowing
We got inward sunshine so face your time
Children without your problems how would you know the Divine
When your problems come you must relax and free your mine

I personally love this recording.  I am facing so many challenges right now.  It reminds me to relax and free my mind.  Call on the ancestors and find the peace with in.  We are so much more than our individual lives
All of my songs are like messengers from the divine.  Its been about a year since this recording and I can hear me calling out the changes to Alvin and he like the incredible player he is just feels the music and feels the change.  It is such a great feeling to be in harmony with fellow humans when playing music.

My interpretation of Zoom is that we enlightened servants of divine energy can quickly access divine energy were we lose our personal identity and become one with the universe.  Tell all great spirits that their little babies say Zoom.  Their grandchildren did not forget them and what they meant to the world.  We thank you and honor you for your sacrifice.  We will face our challenges with our heads held high knowing that we have meaning and we represent the extension of the longing of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers for all of humanity to get along, live in peace, treat each other kindly and live in harmony.

Can you hear us, can you see us grandmother (Mother Teresa, Queen Ann Nzinga, and so many more) can you hear us grandfather (Gandhi, Garvey and Lamumba) we are living in accordance to the divine.

The song ends when someone knocks on the door.  Knock and the door shall be opened!

Play on Great Spirits, Play On

Written by farishields

March 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm

New Day – Original Song by Far I – Lyrics and Description

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New Day – Lyrics and Description

I open my eyes – I’m surrounded by Love
I open my soul and I become Love
And life says son – What do you want
I say I want Joy, Peace, Love and Happiness for Everyone
Because it’s about Love, Sweet Love
It’s about Faith
It’s about a beautiful sunrise
And a warm embrace

New Day is dawning
Sun is on the rise
Jump in the rhythm
Enjoy your life

Get a call from a loved one
Who says you’re the one
You make life worth living
You make this life so fun

There is a message we want you to know
It’s very important so please listen close
Well we love you so
This you’ve got to know
Yeah we love you so
This you’ve got to know

It’s a New Day

In 2007 this incredible woman named Sarah Bond was introduced to me by David Cook of Movizine.  The beautiful woman and connected instantly and David had been wanting us to perform together. We met at a Movizine meeting in San Francisco.  After the meeting Sarah, David and Myself played music together.  We played on song for 3 hours.  We went into a deep trance.  When we came out of the meditation Sarah whispered Namaste.  I was blown away because I did not think this young woman would know anything about ancient Sanskrit words and their mystical meanings.  When she whispered Namaste I had a vision of 3 traveling to the city.  The lady was riding a prayer elephant.  I eventually painted the scene that was so vividly shown to me in the vision that painting I entitled Namaste.

This was the beginning of our great friendship.  We went on to perform several shows together and even record one song Watah.   One day Sarah insisted that I drive up to Napa to watch this movie called the secret.  I felt her determination and I made the 1 hour voyage up north to watch the movie with her and a small group of friends.  The movie changed my life.  It freed me from the bondage of being something other than myself.  The sly and the Family stone sung “ Thank You for letting me be myself again.”  this is how I felt after watching the movie and then studying the concepts presented  in the movie over and over again until I could wrap my mind around the concept of the law of attraction.

The moment that I grasped the reality that we control our own destiny by what we think, say and do I began seriously pondering how I was going to channel my inner thoughts and what is it that I really want to happen.  The next thought came to me well narrow it down what would you like your dream day to look like.  Then I took it further how would your dream day start.  What would be on your mind when you first woke up.  From this thought came the song New Day.

May all of your every days be filled with love and excitement – remember It’s a New Day!
A special thanks to David Cook and Sarah Bond – thank you for enriching my life

Blackbird – with New Lyrics and Insites by Far I

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Black Bird

April 4, 1968, at the age of 39 Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Shock waves riveted throughout the Black Community in the United States.  Many African Americans had decided to take Kings non-violent path to social.  When he was murdered it was as if they community said not our anointed one.

Kill the won who has weapons aimed at you and we will understand yet this is the one who has honored you as human – the one who told us not to fight physically, fight spiritual and he is murdered.  The population was out of control and many riots followed.

Paul McCartney was in Scotland at the time and used musical phrasings from Bach to compose his response to the African American unrest in the US.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Black bird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
all your life
you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise,

I feel him saying that although I know that you are in pain, keep looking, keep reaching, keep striving this is your moment.  The world is with you. We see you.  Now is your time although painful this is the moment you were waiting for to ARISE!

I personally was introduced to this song through the movie I AM SAM.  The movie was heartfelt.  Sean Penn played an outcast – a disabled man.  Society did not understand him nor think he was capable to care for his daughter.  His mother was a prostitute and did not want to care for the child.  The story touch my heart because I as an African American Man often feel misunderstood and labeled incapable of handling life.

Many times it is true.  Things such as marriage, raising children, finances, etc… are often upside down and unmanageable.  Yet like Sam in the movie I am still someone.  I am human and at least deserve the right to give it my best shot, even if I end up a little short of the mark.  When the song Blackbird accompanied the movie I said to myself I must learn to play that song.  It was inspirational.  A person born into an adverse situation yet with broken wings – learn to fly, with sunken eyes learn to see.

I added my own lyrics to the beginning.  In the fall of 2008 my family suffered a devastating loss.  Anna Monique Johnson died suddenly at the age of 45 at work.
She was in many was the corner stone of my immediate family.  When she passed it was so sudden and she was so young it was surreal.  There were two song I sung to get me through this tough time and one was Blackbird.  Here are the lyrics I added to the song I see her wonderful face and feel her comforting presence when I sing this song.

Walk into your night like a shining sun
Oh Blackbird you are the one
Push it to the limit reach for the sky
Blackbird – Fly

My the eternal comforting presence be with us all through our journey of life and after!

Written by farishields

March 11, 2011 at 2:27 pm